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We are an online music licensing platform a new kind of agent for independent musicians, composers and music producers, digitally connecting them with buyers in the mainstream media. We have an extensive and varied knowledge of the music industry in its many incarnations, both with the independents and the majors, along with experience in brand building, marketing, advertising, film the digital and mobile worlds.
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Our latest tracks

Radu Andrei - Momentum

Daniel Petrariu - Alibi Records #02

Dinu Ivan @ Radio DEEA - Alibi Showcase

Radu Andrei - Space Harmony

Radu Andrei - Alibi Records

Daniel Petrariu - Alibi Records Private Vila Predeal

Alex Twin - Guest Mix For Alibi Records

Paul Haze - Experimentalist Alibi Records

Dinuivan #00Somethin

Dinu Ivan - Alibi Records #02

Paul Haze - Alibi Records